Online Retail Surge: What Does This Mean for Your Warehouse?

Fireside Chat with Prem Chand, Founder & CEO Growth Factors

In 2020, eCommerce grew 40% YOY, with nearly 19.3% of all retail sales coming from online purchases. And while some of the shift occurred out of necessity, no one expects the world to go back to pre-COVID eCommerce numbers.  Dealing with unexpected, fast growth can be a challenge for businesses but with the right data and vision — it doesn’t have to be.

In 2018, Growth Factors Founder and CEO, Prem Chand invested in growing eCommerce apparel company, Three Bird Nest, to help the company implement scalable business systems and best practices that would support the company’s growth.

OPEX’s Jay DiResta, Business Development Manager, Service sat down with Prem Chand, Founder & CEO of Growth Factors, to discuss the surge of eCommerce and how his online apparel company has reacted.

Original recording date: April 20, 2021

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