Remote Performance Monitor (RPM) Software

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Service Challenges

RPM Solves For:

Service Challenges

Receive alerts and events to provide a better understanding of issues causing downtime.

Demand Fluctuation

RPM Solves For:

Making Data Driven Decisions

Operational and strategic decision-making based on actual data to help reduce costs, improve machine performance, and plan better demand peaks.


RPM Solves For:


Past data and reports will be visible immediately after access has been enabled. No additional configuration or software changes required on the machine end.

KPIs and Metrics

RPM Solves For:

KPIs and Metrics

Deliver mission critical KPIs and metrics like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and machine throughput to operators, supervisors and management. Keep your daily operations running smoothly and proactively improve operational efficiency rates.

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Remote Performance Monitor Software provides:

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Convenient cloud dashboards utilize robust and secure cloud-based technology that makes data accessible from anywhere just by logging in to the RPM website.

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Real-time data displays status, performance, and issues from all machines, across all sites and provides independent synchronization between machines and RPM without communication interference.

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Performance reports offer historical data for each system and all iBOT robots, including detailed analysis of machine availability and iBOT alerts.

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Diagnostics proactive alerts and events provide conditions or values exceeding pre-defined thresholds, with iBOT ID and precise location of interruption occurrence.

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Automated email reports give details on the performance of your system, and the top contributors to machine interruptions and lost throughput.

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Access control from the admin panel offers full control to the access settings for each user which can be modified without having to contact your OPEX RPM team.

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