OPEX® Cortex®

Order Fulfillment Software Platform

The OPEX® Cortex® software platform offers an integrated order fulfillment solution for the OPEX goods-to-person systems while providing a unified, yet intuitive operator experience. Advanced algorithms maximize productivity rates by connecting your warehouse management system (WMS) with OPEX warehouse automation solutions. Cortex manages the picking and inventory aspects of a distribution center and within the racking structure, it ensures operator effectiveness, and drives unique business logic.

Why Cortex®?

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OPEX Cortex software platform is a software suite that offers integrated order fulfillment solution for OPEX AS/RS and goods-to-person systems. Cortex provides a unified operator experience when integrating Perfect Pick® into any operations.


Efficient and accurate order picking and replenishment has never been easier with the Cortex user interface that guides operators through every task.

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eCommerce Fulfillment Case Study Icon


Cortex provides the best efficiency when driving larger multi-aisle systems connected with additional warehouse hardware and controls. Cortex can integrate directly with the customers commercial or homegrown WMS system using a defined API for order fulfillment.

Advantages of the Cortex Software platform

Intuitive Operator Experience

The modern user interface guides operators easily with visual information such as product images, an overhead projector which lights up the portion of the tote containing the items and a pick-to-light indicator that highlights the order container.

WMS Agnostic Platform

Order creation interface allows easy data exchange between WMS and Cortex software using a database-to-database interface. It integrates with virtually every commercially popular WMS brand, in addition to homegrown systems.

Optimized Workflows

Cortex supports all types of picking workflows, from the most simple tables with a hand-scanner to fully automated workstations that move a wide variety of boxes and containers. Pick-to-frame provides a multi-level grid of pick-to-lights highlighting the active order on mobile carts placed behind the frame.

Dynamic Picking and Replenishment

Cortex software allows for the management of inventory and drives the selection of the appropriate inventory location. Proprietary algorithms maximize space utilization within the racking structure, ensure operator effectiveness, and drive unique business logic. Business rules, including lot control, expiration dates, unique item classification rules, and more, are used to meet your business needs.

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