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Automated Put Wall

Fast, reliable, and efficient order fulfillment depends on a high-throughput sorting system, the heart of any modern distribution center, retail store, or micro-fulfillment center. With increasing labor costs and supply-chain challenges, the demand for more responsive operations has never been more crucial. The OPEX® Sure Sort® automated sorting system is used by leading retailers, 3PLs, and distributors that require cost-effective and accurate order handling, cross-docking, and reverse logistics as an alternative solution to traditional put wall sorting, increasing productivity without increasing labor needs.

600 machines installed in top eCom retailers

600+ machines installed in top e-commerce retailers

ROI in

ROI ≤ 2 years

Replaces up to 6 Standard Put Walls

Replaces ≤ 6
Manual Put Walls

Advantages of the Sure Sort Automated put wall

Automated walls help meet the growing demand for smaller, more frequent orders while improving the overall efficiency of distribution operations. The OPEX® Sure Sort® Automated put wall is a scalable, configurable and cost-effective automated small item sorting solution that reduces the number of excessive touches associated with existing sorters.
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A Configurable Pack-to-Light LED system notifies workers when orders are completed or when additional actions are required.
Products up to 6" high are sorted into a configurable variety of bin sizes and types to best meet customer needs.
Any item called up by the WMS is returned to the operator via the return conveyor for reprocessing or secondary action
Induction drop conveyor automatically accelerates items for optimal delivery of up to one item per second.

Sure Sort® integrates easily with existing WMS systems to exchange item status and data for inventory tracking and order verification.

Items are scanned on all 6 sides and up to 8 barcodes can be processed. Items with dimensions L x W x H can also be captured and processed.
iBOT®s are added or removed quickly and easily to provide scalable throughput.

Advantages of the Sure Sort Automated put wall

Fast ROI and Rapid Installation

While most capEX investments see a minimum ROI of five years, the Sure Sort automated sorting system provides a cost-effective entry into warehouse automation with payback in as little as two years. Sure Sort’s modular design is pretested, delivered in construction order, and can be up-and-running in as little as three days. Plus, it integrates with existing WMS without disruption to current operations. Designed to reduce warehouse congestion, Sure Sort is self-contained and compact. It replaces as many as six standard put walls and optimizes the current warehouse space in use so there is no need to spend on additional real estate and square footage.

Replaces ≤6 standard put walls

Installation ≤3 days

ROI ≤2 years

Automated Sorting for Virtually Any Application

Sure Sort can do more than order fulfillment. The Sure Sort system is designed for a wide variety of applications, including parcel sorting, multi-line orders, cross-docking, and reverse logistics. Sure Sort can be used to optimize returns processing, reducing the loss associated with eCommerce returns that affects most companies. It can also be used for in-store fulfillment, providing a cost-effective and fast solution for online orders and in-store pickup options provided to consumers. Sure Sort is even an automated solution for restocking inventory in retail stores by unloading incoming product into the system that is then sorted according to aisle location, reducing the time it takes to restock shelves in half.

Sort scheme agnostic

Optimize returns processing

Efficient in-store fulfillment

Scalable and Flexible

The Sure Sort automated sorting system is easily scalable and customizable as your operations grow. It can adjust to seasonal peaks by adding expansion modules or additional iBOT robots. Sort bin locations can be configured with mixed and various bin sizes and types to best fit the needs of your customers or workflow. The Sure Sort automated sorting system easily integrates with most existing WMS systems to exchange item status and data for tracking and order verification. This allows for a seamless installation process without much disruption to your current operation.

Flexible Design

Integrates with WMS systems

Seamless installation

Efficient Item Sorting and Increased Throughput

Compact in size, the Sure Sort system is an ideal eCommerce solution for micro-fulfillment centers, retail stores, or distribution centers. The automated sorting solution requires minimal labor to operate and is energy efficient. Sure Sort’s iBOT delivery vehicles can recharge as they travel through the system, quickly and accurately processing up to 2,400 items each hour with as little as three operators. A wide variety of SKUs can be easily and quickly sorted in a single pass.

Requires ≤3 operators

Process ≤2,400 items/hr

Recharge during use

Accurate and Optimized Order Fulfillment

Designed for accuracy and efficiency, the Sure Sort sorter has a configurable LED, Pack-to-Light system which notifies operators when orders are complete or when additional actions are required. Once a bin contains every item needed to complete the order, an LED light illuminates the bin, alerting an operator that the order is ready to be packed for shipment.

Increased Accuracy

LED light notifications

Pack-to-light system

Minimize Labor Challenges

Reduce the need to rely on labor to support your growing business or manage demand during peak seasons by implementing an automated sorting solution. The Sure Sort automated put wall is compact and replaces as many as six manual put walls, requiring minimal labor to fully function, even during peak seasons when order volumes or inventory turnover may be higher.

Minimize labor reliance

Minimal labor for peak seasons

Automated sorting solution

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